AN EVIL DEEDBy David J Knight 


I do understand that hate
for one evil moment of fate.
An unexplicable act done
by some other woman’s son.
You don’t mean to offend
saying I’ll never comprehend,
physically that may be true
that as a male I haven’t a clue.
But I do see the pain there,
one you feel you cannot share,
a penance you must do alone
I see nought for which to atone
Do not drop your head in shame
‘cause you are free of all blame.
From all guilt you are freed
it was a man’s evil deed.


by Andy M Copland 



Bent double like an old begger i sit,My hands clasped in prayer,Watching the others grin and stare,The atmosphere relaxed and full of ease,Waiting for the judge to hear their pleas, 


I am afraid as i will not lie,I will stand tall with my head held high,To face the wrath with all my pride,I will plead guilty,He did not lie, 


My fists came down on him with anger and hate,If only i hadn’t been drinking,It fueld the fire to aggravate,It fueld the fire that sealed my fate, 


I should feel guilty and remorse i suppose,Instead i feel a lesson learnt,From all that arose. 





by Frances C Rodriguez 


There are little children playing in the parkLaughing and joking as there parents watch.For here I sit as I watch than playRemembering the day my son’s lifehas been taken away.Bullets flying every where,Children crying out of fear,Parents running looking everywhere,but as I look towards the groundI can see my son laying downfor my son’s life has been taken awayWith a bullet that carries no name. 



RAPEby Katy L Walsvik                           I’m feeling some tension todayTomorrow I hope to feel betterI sometimes remember that dayBut it’s so long agoThe scars don’t showMy mind plays tricksIt helps to fixThe thoughts that keep me from caring. 

I’m sometimes a terrible burdenI keep to myself on those daysTurn a corner, or just turn a phraseThere I goGetting lowLetting horrible memories show. 

It happened, get past it, stay busyEach day brings you further awayIf you dwell on it you will feel dizzyDon’t be blueThat’s not youJust cheer up, let it go, get a clue! 

It happened, its over, you’re fineYou’re becoming a terrible boreYou’re coming undone, that’s a signThat you’re weakBetter speakTo a doctor on Tuesday next week 

I am working my way through the painI’ve come a long way and I show itWhat good does it do to complain?To be wholeThat’s my goalI just wish I had back what he stole 



by Steve E Ralph 


Why should you believe me, When the jury agreed, I’m as guilty as hell, And it’s jail that I need, 


Yes five years in prison, For something I didn’t do,And the court called me liar,Although what I said was true ,  



 And you’ll be no different, I can tell by your eyes,Before I open my mouth, You’ll think I’m telling lies,  



  And I cannot blame you, Because I’d think that way, If I hadn’t been there, On that particular day,  



  I was down at the tavern, And about to go home, When she came on over, And said are you drinking alone,  



 She said can I join you, And I bought her a wine, Then we sat there talking, Until closing time,   



 She told me her husband,Had gone out of town, And it would be quite a while, Before he was around,   



 And a woman gets lonely, And a woman has needs, Just like a man does, And of course I agreed,   



 So I walked her home,And I guess it’s a fact, I leaned over to kiss her, And she kissed me back,   



 And it wasn’t goodbye, hat she said in her kiss, She said do you want to come in, And I couldn’t resist,  



 We made love on the sofa, Made love on the floor, But she suddenly stopped, With a noise at the door,   



 Oh god that’s my husband, And she rose in a haste, Slipped on the carpet, And injured her face,   



 Then as if she’d gone crazy, She started to scream, Pulled at her blouse, Until it tore at the seams,   



She punched me and scratched me, She was crying real tears, I held her wrists to stop her, But then her husband appears,  



 With a guy from his office, And I couldn’t escape, She ran over to them, And she starts screaming rape,   



They saw the bruise on her face,And the scratch on my chest, The state of her blouse,And imagined the rest,   



Well they gave me a beating, Then with their anger appeased, They left me on the floor,While they rang for the police,  



Oh I know what you’re thinking, I’m a liar, a nonce, Well that’s no surprise, It’s the usual response,   



Why would she lie, She’s refined, upper class, While I’m just a fellow, That works welding cars,   


Well you think what you want to, Go on have your doubts, Would she send me to prison, So that he won’t find out,   



While he’s gone she gets lonely, And searches the streets, No, look at her she’s lovely, Who’d believe that woman cheats,  



 Who’d believe that she’s devious,Behind those angel eyes, And when she said that I raped her, She told nothing but lies.



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